Benefits of Onsite Property Management

Benefits of an Onsite Property Manager vs. External Manager

Onsite Manager External Manager
 Located onsite 24 hours a day Works office hours and not onsite
Has financial and vested interest in complex Manages multiple units and has no vested interest in complex
Ability to access building prior to settlement Cannot access building before settlement
Manages whole building – aims to retain quality tenants, and maintains rental and capital growth Only manages a single apartment - no interest in building quality or overall maintenance
Informs owners of condition of unit and tenant behavior Has delayed information of unit condition and little knowledge of tenant behavior
Can carry out minor repairs for minimal charge Will respond with delay and will engage tradesman to fix repairs at a cost
Able to observe tenancy breaches and respond No such observation and delayed response
Looks after and protects property at all times Only maintains single unit with delayed response
Informs investors about the complex performance, vacancy and condition Cannot provide this information
Keeps units and complex in peak condition to save owners trouble Only maintains single unit
Has a master key to all units Does not have master key to all units