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Form name Download Version
Entry condition report (general tenancies)
Form 1a
PDF icon PDF v14 Nov12
Bond lodgement
Form 2
PDF icon PDF
Submit online
v2 Jul13
Transfer of bond
Form 3
PDF icon PDF v3 Feb14
Refund of rental bond
Form 4
PDF icon PDF
Submit online
v2 Jul13
Change of lessor, agent or manager/provider
Form 5
PDF icon PDF v2 Feb14
Change of shared bond arrangement
Form 6
PDF icon PDF v2 Dec13
Signature record
Form 8
PDF icon PDF v2 Dec13
Entry notice
Form 9
PDF icon PDF v14 Apr14
Notice of lessor‘s intention to sell premises
Form 10
PDF icon PDF v9 Nov12
Notice to remedy breach
Form 11
PDF icon PDF v11 Apr14
Notice to leave
Form 12
PDF icon PDF v11 Mar14
Notice of intention to leave
Form 13
PDF icon PDF v11 Nov12
Exit condition report (general tenancies)
Form 14a
PDF icon PDF v9 Nov12
Exit condition report (moveable dwelling/site)
Form 14b
PDF icon PDF v3 Nov12
Abandonment termination notice
Form 15
PDF icon PDF v8 May13
Dispute resolution request
Form 16
PDF icon PDF v3 Oct13
Pocket guide for tenants – houses and units
Form 17a
PDF icon PDF 
MS Word icon MS Word
v2 May13
General tenancy agreement
Form 18a
PDF icon PDF v14 Apr13
Notice to vacate from mortgagee to tenants
Form 19
PDF icon PDF v2 Nov12
Rental bond direct credit & email notification statement of agreement (Agents/managers only) PDF icon PDF v7 Dec13
Bank account details form PDF icon PDF v1 Apr14
Privacy-Notice-and-Consent PDF icon PDF v1 Apr14


General tenancy fact sheets

These fact sheets have been prepared specifically for lessors/agents and tenants in general tenancies in Queensland: houses, townhouses, units and houseboats. These types of accommodation are covered by the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008.

The RTA has also produced a range of fact sheets for tenants, lessors and agents living in or managing rooming accommodation, caravans and moveable dwelling. These are available on the Rooming accommodation fact sheets and Moveable dwelling fact sheets pages.

Read HTML (web page) version Download MS Word version
Abandoned premises MS Word icon MS Word
Allowing time when serving notices MS Word icon MS Word
Continuing a fixed term tenancy MS Word icon MS Word
Dispute resolution MS Word icon MS Word
Domestic violence information for tenants MS Word icon MS Word
Ending a tenancy agreement MS Word icon MS Word
Entry and privacy MS Word icon MS Word
General tenancy agreements MS Word icon MS Word
Goods and documents left behind MS Word icon MS Word
Guide to conciliation conferences MS Word icon MS Word
Guide to RTA investigations MS Word icon MS Word
Handling tenancy disputes in the Tribunal MS Word icon MS Word
Natural disasters MS Word icon MS Word
Rental bonds MS Word icon MS Word
Rent payments and holding deposits MS Word icon MS Word
Rental premises – use, condition and repairs MS Word icon MS Word
Renting in Queensland MS Word icon MS Word
Share homes, co-tenancies and sub-letting MS Word icon MS Word
Smoke alarms MS Word icon MS Word
Tenancy databases MS Word icon MS Word
Water charging MS Word icon MS Word
Water charging MS Word icon MS Word